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Shira's Ultrasonic Fog Generators (UFG) use ultrasonic technology to produce a fog composed of 5 micron and less sized water particles, thus avoiding the damaging phenomenon of free water drops as is the case in other technologies. The water particle size is a critical parameter in most agricultural applications since the presence of free water drops are often extremely injurious to agriculture products, small newborn animals in breeding applications and to electronics manufacturing industries, as well as when disinfection and sanitizing is undertaken using chemicals.

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Current Applications

  • At a Glance & Applications
  • Table-top Model
  • Flower Storage Application
  • Flower Bulbs Storage
  • Hatching Cabinet Salmonella Elimination
  • Humidity, Storage & disinfections Control
  • Low Insecticides Dosage for Greenhouses
  • Mini Aeroponic Plant Propagation System
  • Why to use Shira's fogging technology?!
  • Fogger Model FG620
  • Fogger Model 4-MFG6R02
  • Indoor Environmental Control
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    Shira combats the Bedbugs


    Air conditioning applications


    Air conditioning equipment usually reduces the humidity of the air processed by the system. The relatively cold (below the dew point) evaporator coil condenses water vapor from the processed air, much as a cold drink will condense water on the outside of a glass. The water is drained, removing water vapor from the cooled space and thereby lowering its relative humidity. Since humans perspire to provide natural cooling by the evaporation of perspiration from the skin, drier air (up to a point) improves the comfort provided.


    Shira use ultrasonic technology to produce a fog composed of less than 5 micron sized water particles, thus avoiding the damaging phenomenon of "free water" drops as is the case in other technologies. The water particle size is a critical parameter in the air-conditioning applications since the presence of "free water" drops can contribute to bacteria growing environment.

    Automotive Industry - Internal Combustion Engines applications

    We also are concentrating in the Internal Combustion Engines industry and have reached dramatic results in testing our Catalysts Delivery System. We are in a stage in looking for strategic partners internationally as shown in our announcement.

    Healthcare disinfecting industry applications

    We are concentrating as well as in the Healthcare disinfecting industry applications. We hope that you would find an interest in being updated about our achievement in combating the Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria. For watching a video reportage you are kindly invited to browse the Sanitation of hospitals site.

    Our Future on a Hotter Planet

    Scientists and newspaper headlines recently announced the World was on course for a catastrophic 6?C rise in temperature. This 6?C rise, which is a predicted average World temperature increase over the next century, with more extreme changes expected for the north and south poles, is an irreversible planet-wide disaster. Many parts of the Earth will become unsuitable for human or animal existence.

    The findings were recently presented in a Nature Geoscience article, from The School of Environment Sciences, University of East Anglia and backed by a slew of prominent researchers. The consequences of global temperatures rising is also the subject of an amazing book by Mark Lynas - Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet.

    The Earthquake effects that the universe is faces

    The March 11, 2011 earthquake effects (click Shira Aeroponics Vegetative Products) bring us to think what should be made in our aeroponics technology when using it for vegetable material production continuously.

    We at Shira are optimistic and always think how the world population will live on the planet, so we at Shira are working constantly by developing and improving our Ultrasonic Fogging Technologies.

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    Insect Control

    Foliage Treatment


    Relative Humidity Control

    Plants Cloning


    Plants Cultivation

    as a first in a food chain

    Aeroponics Plants Cultivation

    Odor Control & Relaxation

    Bulbs Storage Control

    Foggers in operation

    Combating Bacteria

    Potato Storage

    Humidity Control

    For achieving both Humidity & Disinfection goals

    you need only ONE Shira's fogger

    Potato Storage

    Sprouts Inhibition

    Shira business alliances cooperation

    Seeking cooperative pioneers for beta-site tests on a regional basis

    Seeking manufacturers and distributors on a regional basis

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